When proper diagnosis is made and treatment is selected, the pediatrician can go home and free. But the most decisive factor in health care is the responsibility of parents in giving the medicine correctly. Treatment failure is often due to a less effective drug delivery. If the doctor is not clear, or you do not understand, ask your doctor until you really understand.
Most of the administration of drugs tailored to the child’s body weight. The size of liquid medicine is very important. “One teaspoon full” does not mean that each teaspoon has the same size. What is meant here is one teaspoon measuring tool (available at pharmacies) or 5 cc. “Half a teaspoon” does not mean half a teaspoon is usually used. But, that is 2.5 cc or half a teaspoon measuring instruments. Recently the government introduced a mouth spray dispenser style for easy measuring of small doses of drugs given by mouth.

“Four times a day” means the four doses of the drug must be administered within 24 hours, but the kids are asleep do not need to be woken. Four doses should be given in 4 times and right for the kids wake up. “Every six hours” means the single dose administered every 6 hours.
The duration
Most of the recurrent disease and complications due to discontinuation of treatment prematurely. Often children feel better when not completely healed. Stop earache, fever disappeared, coughing subside, and appetite returned when the germs are still not dead and healing is not complete. Treatment with antibiotics for a throat infection with streptococcus bacteria takes at least one week before the infection is completely healed. Urinary tract infections and ear infections often take a long time, although the symptoms were gone within a day. So make sure you continue the treatment for what the doctor ordered. “Give up the drug out,” not just a suggestion but a command with a specific purpose. The doctors are considering orders.

Infants and Toddlers
Liquid medication can be given to children under five straight from the spoon or oral spray that is used to spray the liquid slowly. Be careful to avoid the strong flow in the back of the throat and down into the airways. Enter the drug into the juice, ice cream, apples that have been destroyed may be performed, so that all children ingested the drug dosage. Giving something sweet is highly recommended after the children were given medication for pain medication that is not good.
Although some infants and toddlers can chew the tablet or even swallow tablets, but this way is not recommended because it is dangerous for children that age. Children under age 3 easy choking to death. If liquid medications are not available, the tablets should be destroyed and the contents of the capsule is inserted into juice or food before it is given to toddlers. Ask your doctor or chemist first because some drugs should not be destroyed or removed the contents of the capsule.
Children above Toddlers
Many children over 5 years to swallow several tablets or capsules at once. Help your child learn how to swallow pills by placing the pills behind their tongues before giving them to drink or put the pill in half a tablespoon of apples that have been mashed, jelly, ice cream, and make sure that all is swallowed by your child.


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